Tuesday, August 19, 2008

FallenSword Beginner's Guide Part 5.2 - Saving Stamina

In FallenSword, besides managing your stamina by controlling your hunting frequency, knowing how to save your stamina is also very important.

As we mentioned earlier, both walking the map and killing monsters require the use of stamina. Therefore, so as to save as much stamina as possible, you have to walk the map as little as possible and use as little as possible stamina to kill a monster as possible.

The minimum stamina needed to kill a monster is 1. Yes, therefore we always want to kill the monster in 1-hit, so as to save the stamina. As we have discussed earlier in The Combat, to kill a monster in 1-hit, we always need to calculate Attack vs Defense, Damage vs Armor. If your Attack score is always higher than the monster you are killing and your Damage score is higher than Armor + HP of the monster you are killing, you can maintain 1-hit kill. Actually this is quite easy to be accomplished in the early stage of the game, as long as you always keep having the best items for your level, which we will talk later. Offensive buffs like Fury, Berserk and Dark Curse are also very important at higher level to maintain 1-hit kill.

Besides minimizing the stamina to kill, you need to minimizing the steps you walk the map. It is not easy, especially at low level. Try walk the map systematically, in a way you can remember where did you walked already, so as to avoid stepping in the same square for duplicate times. If you found that the whole part of the map is having no monster, probably someone is just hunting in front of you. In this case, try to move to another end of the map, until you see at least 4-5 monsters in a square.

When you are at higher level, when you can hunt around 10-20k gold per hunting, I will highly recommend you to buy the Doubler skill from Lv 200+ players. Having a Doubler skill means you use double (or triple if it is x3, quaduple if it is x4) stamina to kill a monster, with a double (or triple or quaduple) experience point gain. This allows you killing less monsters with the same stamina and having the same XP gain; in order word, less walking on the map. Animal Magnetism is another useful one, which increase the probability that a monster is regenerated at your square, which will also decrease your walking.

Of course, Adept Learner (increase % XP gain) and Librarian (increase chance of double XP gain) is the two most important skills to maximize your speed of level up, which I will recommend you to buy from higher level players as soon as you can afford this; or get it from the guild.

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