Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Introducing SECT

Thanks Zloj for leaving a comments on my last blog post, and that had made me playing SECT for a while.

SECT is quite a simple Facebook style game. You played as a sectant, which you have 4 classes to choose: Fighter, Psychic, Contractor and Landlord. You gain experience point by doing missions and by fighting other sectants. Earning enough experience will earn you levels, with enough levels you can buy new items and new mission are available. You will also gain statistic point during level-up, which of course would make you stronger as you go. Quite a simple game and fun game.

To be successful in SECT,  you have 2 main directions to go. If you are a kind of static player and would like to avoid conflict as much as you can, you should focus on adding up your PHY and PSY energy when leveling, and stack up your defense when choosing your items. This will enhance you to complete your mission and avoid loosing battles when others attack you. If you are a kind of aggressive player and would like to fight others and gain glory in the game, you should focus on building up your stamina and HP when leveling up, and stack up your attack when choosing your items. This will help you have more resources to fight others, and win a battle during attack. Just remember not to go middleway, this will bring you nowhere...

The most important aspect for you to be success, is by inviting more sectants. You can do so by adding the sect codes of other sectants who are already playing the game. Also you can give your invitation links to your friends who are not already playing. By inviting players outside the game, you can gain credit points which you can buy some exotic items in the game. Here is my invitation link, or called widget in the game:

browser based mmorpg

Hope you enjoy!