Monday, August 11, 2008

The Legacy of Holy Castle

Just started playing another interesting browser-based strategy type of multiplayer game - The Legacy of Holy Castle.

I found that I like this game very much. At the beginning I thought this is just another clone of Travian. After I play a few hours, I found The Legacy of Holy Castle has more interesting elements than simply empire building and warring against each other.

I like The Legacy of Holy Castle's concept of hero. Although there is also heroes in Travian-like strategy, but there are more role-playing element introduced in The Legacy of Holy Castle. The hero can perform many different tasks - he can chop wood for your kingdom, he can go out and search resource and rare elements for you, he can be trained to gain experience, he can even go out to adventure and gain the experience point to level up. During adventure, he can defeat various enemy, and he can get items dropped (mostly crystals which can be used to craft other items). The experience point earned can be used to buy ability points which futher strengthen up the hero.

The Legacy of Holy Castle has less graphic interface and besides the hero battling interface, most parts of the game is text-based, which in my opinion, is quite clean and good-looking.

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