Friday, October 17, 2008

Legacy of Holy Castle: Disaster...

On the 15th October, Wednesday, The Legacy of Holy Castle had made major change to the game during the maintenance period. Here are the changes as announced by the admin:

The adjustments of The Legacy of Holy Castle:
  1. Occupancy. Currently the winner of the attack will get 75% gold and 25% food within 24 hours from the loser instead of 50% gold and 50% food.
  2. Units. The price decreases greatly for level 3 units.
  3. Hero's quest. The experience from adventure will increase greatly.The gold and wood from adventure will be canceled.
  4. Battle experience. The experience from battle will be adjusted to avoid some improper behavior.

Most of these changes had made this once nice game impossible to play, especially the occupancy rule.

Once your castle is occupied, your gold production drop to 25% for a whole 24 hour period. You lose the ability to rebuild yourself and is not able to attack others to gain back what you lost. This had made the game a boring game during these 24 hours, and easily make the player lose interest. After 24 hours, it is quite probably you will be occupied again due to the inability to rebuild. A player being occupied the first time would sooner or later quit the game.

The Hero's quest rule had made the occupancy rule worse. As before the patch, you can gain gold by adventuring which compensate a bit on your lost in battle and occupancy. Now you had lose your another ability to gain resources.

The battle experience had dropped a lot, which make your hero even more difficult to grow. This would make late comers even harder to catch up with the already top player, which separate the strong and the weak apart more. Weaker players will always be a farm and has no chance to survive.

I am deeply disappointed with the change in this once great game. If these changes are not reverted for a week, I would probably say goodbye to Legacy of Holy Castle as well.