Thursday, August 26, 2010

Social Games is the Entrance Point for many Gamers

Study has showned that 56.8 millions of US consumers has ever played a social games, and among these population, 35% are first time gamers. 10% of which had spent real money on social games. This interesting study shows that the rise of social games had expanded the online gaming markets in great amount. Many gamers, especially those females and elders, which normally are not interested in online gaming, has entered into this playground with social games as the entrance point. With the growth of social games, it looks like that the browser game market will grow with it, and the trend would be most of the future browser online games with at least contain some "social" elements in it.

I think, with this trends, future games should focus on designs on how to integrate social elements into traditional online games. Interaction between friends, combining with rich gaming elements like good gameplay and good story, would make a success in the future browser game market.


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