Thursday, February 12, 2009

Zorg Empire launched! O Game gone?

Zorg Empire, a new space online browser strategy game, was launched on 25 Januaray, 2009. I was excited to give a new try to this game, and surprisingly found that it has exactly the same interface with the famous online browser space game OGame, with a little bit improvement.

I had stopped playing OGame for a while, and I was surprise when I go to what is the previously the URL of OGame - - that the domain name no longer belongs to the famous space game. Looks like the domain name is bought by some domain name selling business.

The new incarnation of OGame - Zorg Empire - now appear as a brand new game, with restarted players and new community. I will play it a while too, and will update you all with new experience and news of this game. Stay tuned!