Sunday, July 27, 2008

Imperial Ages News: Gunpowder Age Launched

The Gunpowder Age, which is the second age promised by Imperial Ages, is launched yesterday.

Here is the requirement to upgrade to the Gunpowder Age:
  • City Hall lvl 20 (in the lvl 20 City Hall you can make the upgrade to the second age)
  • 2 Villages
  • Population 600 minimum total for your account
  • 30,000 Gold, 30,000 Iron, 30,000 Wood, 30,000 Stone
  • 10% of the cost of all troops you have in your villages.

The resources needed for the upgrade is taken in equal percentage from all the villages of the player. The benefit of the upgrade is stronger troop which increases the speed by 1. Also they promised that in later stage there will be new building which increases the merchant capacity.

For a complete story, please visit the Imperial Ages Blog:

Friday, July 25, 2008

FallenSword News - High level skills announced on the FallenSword forum

Yesterday 24 July, the FallenSword development team had announced the new high level skills on the FallenSword Forum. The new skills ranges from Lv 400 up to until Lv 800. It seems that the development team is prospecting the players are going to reach those high levels fast and soon.

Here are the list of the new skills, duplicated from the forum post:


Keen Edge: 0.01% per point to your attack in PvP for each complete set.
Spectral Knight: Link to Shatter Armour. 0.1% chance to reduce targets armor by 100%. Need 100 in Shatter Armour to unlock.

Arterial Strike: Linked to Spectral Knight. Gain additional XP for every additional round of combat. Enhanced by Master Summoner.
Death Dealer: For every 5 kills in a row, without dying, you get +1% extra Damage to a Maximum of 20%. 10% @ 50, 15% @ 100 & 20% @ 150. De buffs as soon as you are defeated in combat.

Savagery: 0.1% chance that your Defensive stats are added to Attack and your Armour Stats are added to your Damage.

Chi Strike: 0.1% chance to add HP total to Damage.

Shield Strike: 0.1% that your defence stat is reduced to Zero and your Damage is doubled.


Counter Attack: Uses 0.25% extra stamina (rounding up) to add 0.25% to both Attack & Damage.
Summon Shield Imp: Creates an Imp which can absorb 100% of damage. 24 Hour time out. De buffs if hit more than the level allows. Level 50 = 1 round of combat, 100 = 2, 150 = 3.

Vision: Lights up dark realms. (Upcoming feature.) No damage to creatures in the dark.
Fortitude: Defensive Stat is added to HP. Lvl 50= 3%, 100= 7%, 150= 10%

Flinch: 0.1% chance to decrease enemies Attack by 10% @ 50, 15% @ 100 & 20 @ 150.

Terrorise: 0.1% chance to decrease enemies Damage by 10% @ 50, 15% @ 100 & 20 @ 150.

Nightmare Visage: 0.1% chance that your Attack will be reduced by 5% @ 50, 10% @ 100 & 15% @ 150. This is then added to your Defence.


Quest Finder: Increases the chance that Quest Items will drop.

Potion Crafter: Increases chance of success when crafting potions. Have to gather Herbs with Herb Gather (see below) then go to an Alchemist. Make potions according to recipes.
Herb Gatherer: Allows you to gather herbs for creating potions. Herbs be dropped by Creatures.

Potion Crafter II: Further increases your chance of successful potion creation and can increase potency (duration).
Master Summoner: (To be used with Spectral Knight and/or Shield Imp.) Level 50 = 10%, 100 = 20% & 150 = 30%. Increases to Summon potency by increasing the chance of the relative skills being invoked.

Reflection: On a 0.1% a percentage per point of the Creatures damage is reflected upon itself. 50 = 10%, 75 = 15%, 100= 20% & 150 = 25%

Light Foot: 0.05% chance to use no stamina while moving on the world map.

Mesmerise: 0.1% chance to reduce a Creatures Armour & Defence by 50%.

From what I see, I think the offensive skills will become the popular ones as players are still striking to hit the monsters with as few hits as possible in the high levels. Also it looks like that potion will become a more and more important element in the game, and the potion crafting skills can become the next wave of popular skills.

What do you think? Leave a comment if you have some idea.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

FallenSword Beginner's Guide Part 4 - The Auction House

In FallenSword, items are very important for a character, much more important than the ability scores and other thing.

Once you get through level by killing enough rats in the mountain path, simply equipping items dropped by monsters is not enough. To be aquaintence enough to kill monsters at the same level of you, you must get the optimize items for your level.

So, not by monsters, where do we get these items? The answer is the auction house.

The Auction House is the platform where the players sell their used items, and here is where you are able to get a bargain buy for the item you needed.

Remember, never rush. Use the sort function to sort the minimum "Buy Now" item from the list, and buy it with a fair price.

To best utilize the search function, you must click the "Search Preference" link below the search box and put in the item level that you are looking for so that you have a good idea of what items are available and at what price are they selling.

Once you level up again and is ready for the items of the next level, remember do not throw them away too. Try to sell them for a good price in the auction house, so that you will have the gold to buy later items as well.

Monday, July 21, 2008

FallenSword Beginner's Guide Part 3 - The Combat

In Fallensword, your character has 5 core ability points, Attack, Damage, Defense, Armor, and Hit Point (HP).

When there is a combat, either when you are killing a monster, or during PvP, which one is winning is calculated based on these abilities of you and your opponent.

Whether you hit your opponent is based on your Attack score vs. your opponent's Defense score. If your Attack is higher than your opponent's Defense, with a variance of +- 5%, you successfully hit your opponent. This calculated has not yet taken into account special bonus such as Dodge bonus.

Whether you kill your opponent with your hit is based on your Damage score vs. your opponent's Armor + HP score. If your damage is higher than your opponent's total of Armor + HP, with a variance of +- 5%, you successfully kill your opponent. Again this has not yet taken into account special bonus such as Piercing Strike, Critical Hit and Reinforced Armor.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

FallenSword Beginner's Guide Part 2 - Assigning your Skill Points

The other reward that you will gain when your Fallensword character level up is 5 skill point. Which you will assign to your Skills. The Skills page can be reached by clicking "Skills" at your left Panel.

The assigning of these skill points is also important, and will be vital when your character level up.

There are 3 types of Skills - Offense, Defense, and Special.

Most of the low level Defense skills are not useful. You may skip that. For the first 150 levels, Offense and Special skills will be useful to you.

Remember, these skills will not be useful to you if you assign only a few skill points to it, so you will have to make sure you are focus on 1 skill until you have full rank for it at Lv 20 (100 points). Never diversify your skill points.

If you are playing mostly alone, I will advise you not to use your skill points at all for the first 25 levels, you can retain your skill points for later use. At level 25, take Adept Learner, which increase your experience point (XP) gain from killing monster. This will increase your rate of level up. After that, skills in the order of Treasure Hunter (Lv 40), Library (Lv 75, yes, you retain skill points until Lv 75), then Berserk and Fury.

If you are playing with a group of friends, you may consider splitting the task of Offense and Special Skills amoung yourselves. The offense path can be Enchanted Weapon, Fury and Berserk. Rage is not so useful.

The first Defense skill that can be useful to you is Enchanted Amour, which can be taken at Lv 75.

FallenSword Beginner's Guide Part 1 - Setting your Ability Points

When your Fallensword character level up, you got 2 "level up points" to add to your character, which can be assigned to five abilities: Attack, Damage, Defense, Armor and HP. Assigning these "level up" points can be quite important to your character.

Fallensword is a damage-based game. That is, damage is the most important ability in this game, period.

There is a gold rule of assigning these ability points to your character - attack : damage = 1:3 in the first 20 levels; and from level 21 onward, assign all ability point to damage.

You won't know the importance of these in the first few levels. This would become vital during level 100 onward. Not enough damage means your can't kill the monster in 1-hit, which means you are not optimizing your use of stamina.

You will ask, how about my Defense, Armor and HP? The answer is Item. All these abilities can be easily made up by having appropriate items at your level.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Get Started playing FallenSword

It is easy to get started playing FallenSword:

  1. You need go to the FallenSword game website
  2. You need to create an account by choosing a nickname, this nickname will be your character's name in the game as well. Also you need to enter your e-mail address.
  3. Yes, you are ready to start playing the game then. First you will be starting off without any equipment and ability. Therefore you need to kill some monster to get some monster drops and level up. Click at "World" > "View Map" at your left menu to start your FallenSword journey.
  4. You will see that you are starting off in Krul's Island. Choose Mountain Path to start with, this should be your starting place for killing. You can use your mouse or use the "A", "W", "D", "X" keyboard key to navigate the map.
  5. Remember, when you just start, do not kill anything other than the rat! Even the Natives are too tough for you at this point.
  6. Check "Character" > "Profile" from time to time to see whether there is any monster drops. If there is any item in your backpack, click on it to equip it.
  7. I highly recommend you to finish the "Angry Natives" quest which is a very good beginner's quest. The XP and item rewards will help you along. Once you have finished the quest, you should be at level 4 already.
  8. Consult from time to time for the area, items and quests. This is a very useful guide for you to be success in this game.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The first browser-based massive multiplayer online game I got addicted to is the Fallensword. This is a massive multiplayer role-playing game, where the player started with a Level 1 character, walking around the map, doing quests, killing monsters and level up.

Besides these standard RPG elements, Fallensword has the ability to sell and buy in-game items through an auction house. The currency used in the game is in-game gold and Fallensword Points (FSP).

Besides this, Fallensword allows player to build guilds, which can provide a lot of enhancements to the guild members, allowing guild members to share in-game items, also allowing them to form attack groups which kill tough monsters in a group.

The graphic of this game is rich and the game control is smooth and easy. Other interesting features of the games include the PvP arena, Bounty, Lottery, and play crafted items etc.

Link to website:

Why do people play browser-based online games?

The reason is too simple: people are sitting in front of the computer for a too long time. Most of the jobs today require people sitting in front of a computer for a long time, and people start to seek some handy entertainment which relax themselves a bit during these long hours.

The advantage of browser-based online games is they do not need people to install any onto their computer. They can simply open up the browser and work on their little cyber kingdom when they are at office, at home, at cyber cafes, at library or at a friend's home etc. This is the best way to develop a player's addiction to the games, as this is available anytime, anywhere.

The rise of browser-based multiplayer games

The history of the browser-based games can be taken back to as early as the internet just started, when people use simple HTML to write text only adventure games, which allow the players to select different page based on in game decisions. These games are short and simple, and of course, not much fun.

When the technology of server-side web programming launched, the development on browser-based online games becomes possible. However, the internet was still slow at that time and the use of heavy graphic and frequenty post-back to the server makes these games limited to very simple ones and lack of rich graphics.

Now comes the era of web 2.0, with ultra-fast internet connection and rich web scripting technology and browser-based games can now be very graphic rich and full of inter-player communication.

Welcome to browser-based games dicussion blog

Welcome to this brand new browser games blog, which focus on the news and discussion of web-based, or browser-based massive multiplayer online games. Here we will provide hot news on browser-based RPG, strategy games etc.