Thursday, August 7, 2008

FallenSwords News: 2 Million players reached and the Legendary Event again!

Congratulations for FallenSword to reach 2,000,000 registered players today!

Again, for celebrating the event, there is a Legendary Event.

These are the creatures for this Legendary Event:

Zachorzi the Plagued (Legendary)
Sighted: Paladir Forest East
Recommended Level: 20

Cu Sith (Legendary)
Sighted: Ekloren & Gadrel Swamps
Recommended Level: 150

Cacus (Legendary)
Sighted: Falagi & Angel Caves
Recommended Level: 250

Chariot of Fire (Legendary)
Sighted: Buring Sands & Selari
Recommended Level: 350

Jorogumo (Legendary)
Sighted: Dark Forest & City of Xinderoth
Recommended Level: 500

Again, the Hunted Cows didn't learnt the lesson from past Legendary Events... the site had down for a few minutes and become very laggy now... :-(

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