Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fallensword News: Potion Crafting and Item Creation Launched

The new potion crafting and item creation function in FallenSword are launched on 11 August. It is quite a big addition to the game indeed. It allows players from various level get access to the higher level skill with high buff levels.

There are a few steps to craft a potion.

First you need to obtain a recipe. Currently the recipes are available in the shops in certain area, mainly the low level areas. If you are lazy to go back to the low level areas or want to save the stamina for doing so, you can buy a recipe from other players in the auction house. I find it worth the price, as stamina is far more expensive.

Next you need to get a potion bottle. Current it is available in the Hugards Tent in Fire Chasm level 1, which is a very low level area. This potion bottle are available in the auction house under "quest items" as well.

Finally you need the resources to create the potion. This resources are mainly drops from killing monsters. Again you may get them from the auction, as many players had took the time to hunt them.

When you get everything, voila! You can go to the menu option Actions -> Inventing to create your potion. At first you only get an average chance of success. If you have the high level potion crafting buff, you can increase the chance of successfully create a potion.

Currently the potion can be sold with a good price in the auction house as well.

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