Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Impression about Conrohl

Thanks Frank for the leaving a comment, and introduce us a quite nice browser game: Conrohl

I have tried it for a day, and found that the concept of the game is quite nice.

In some way, it is quite a standard game. Building up your resources, researching technology and conquering other planets. However, there is one concept of the game that I found quite interesting to me: leaders.

After building the academy, you can have your leader. You can have your leader working on some mission, gaining resources and experience. Missions are available once per hour, which make the player wants to come back to the game often. Also you will be able to train up your leader with variable skills which are useful for working on contracts given by other planets. Also, when you have more than 1 planet, your leader will be useful to defend and adminstrate your planets. I think the leader concept of this game is quite valuable and is a good point be explored and developed.

The game has a nice walk-through, which helps a lot for people to learn how to get started on the game. Also when you follow the steps of the walk-through, you will gain resources along.

One big drawback of the game: growth rate. Resources gaining is already very slow at the very beginning. Once you have gone through the walk-through, and tried out a few things, you already have run out the resources, and need to wait for another day so as to build other resources, building and technology. This would make the player easy to be bored at the very beginning, and lack the time and interest to explore the game on the very first day. I think making growth easier at the first stage of the game would help to keep players stick around and be addict into the game, before they feel bored and leave... this is my two cents.

Overall I will give this game a 3 out of 5 star rating.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Introducing SECT

Thanks Zloj for leaving a comments on my last blog post, and that had made me playing SECT for a while.

SECT is quite a simple Facebook style game. You played as a sectant, which you have 4 classes to choose: Fighter, Psychic, Contractor and Landlord. You gain experience point by doing missions and by fighting other sectants. Earning enough experience will earn you levels, with enough levels you can buy new items and new mission are available. You will also gain statistic point during level-up, which of course would make you stronger as you go. Quite a simple game and fun game.

To be successful in SECT,  you have 2 main directions to go. If you are a kind of static player and would like to avoid conflict as much as you can, you should focus on adding up your PHY and PSY energy when leveling, and stack up your defense when choosing your items. This will enhance you to complete your mission and avoid loosing battles when others attack you. If you are a kind of aggressive player and would like to fight others and gain glory in the game, you should focus on building up your stamina and HP when leveling up, and stack up your attack when choosing your items. This will help you have more resources to fight others, and win a battle during attack. Just remember not to go middleway, this will bring you nowhere...

The most important aspect for you to be success, is by inviting more sectants. You can do so by adding the sect codes of other sectants who are already playing the game. Also you can give your invitation links to your friends who are not already playing. By inviting players outside the game, you can gain credit points which you can buy some exotic items in the game. Here is my invitation link, or called widget in the game:

browser based mmorpg

Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What makes a successful browser game?

There are more and more browser games built to the market each day. Some of them becomes successful one, while some of them do not and disappear into dust. Actually what makes some of them successful and distinguish with the others?

There are several criteria to determine whether a browser game can be successful, namely:
  1. Overall game idea
  2. Graphics and game play
  3. Game community
  4. Ability to make a player come back at least twice each day
  5. The way to make profit from the game
The first 2: overall game idea, graphics and game play are just too obvious.
A successful game must have a great idea. For the vast amount of browser games in the market, some of them are quite similar. There are large amount of Travian clones or OGame clones out there. To be a successful one, there must be some new and amazing idea to make itself a different and make the players think that they are playing a new game.
Of course, for the technology nowaday, the graphic is very important. No one will like to stay on with the game any longer if the graphic is poor and cannot convey enough of the game idea and feel.
Surely game play is a very important criteria too. Whether the game is easy to learn, the player is easy to grow, whether the interaction with the game world is smooth, inter-player interaction is interesting...etc. is very important for people to like the game. Game balance is the most important too. Whether in the game world, the weak one can ever be catch up with the strong players; whether new player have a chance to survive when all the experienced players had established their character/base. This is always one of the hardest part to maintain in a successful online game.
In the next few post, I will talk one by one about the other ingredient for a successful browser game, which are actually equally important, if not more, as game idea, graphic and game play.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Zorg Empire launched! O Game gone?

Zorg Empire, a new space online browser strategy game, was launched on 25 Januaray, 2009. I was excited to give a new try to this game, and surprisingly found that it has exactly the same interface with the famous online browser space game OGame, with a little bit improvement.

I had stopped playing OGame for a while, and I was surprise when I go to what is the previously the URL of OGame - - that the domain name no longer belongs to the famous space game. Looks like the domain name is bought by some domain name selling business.

The new incarnation of OGame - Zorg Empire - now appear as a brand new game, with restarted players and new community. I will play it a while too, and will update you all with new experience and news of this game. Stay tuned!