Saturday, August 9, 2008

FallenSword Beginner's Guide Part 5 - The Stamina

The optimization of stamina is the most important player skill in FallenSword. If you can manage your stamina well, you are successful in FallenSword.

Every action in FallenSword requires stamina. Each step you walk on the world map require 1 point of stamina in the horizontal and vertical directions (N, S, E, W), and 2 points of stamina in the diagonal directions (NE, NW, SE, SW). When you kill monsters, each hit to the monsters require 1 point of stamina; that is, if a monster requires 3-hit to be killed, 3 points of stamina are used. Using skills require stamina as well: most skills use about 10 points of stamina. Some skills, like the Dark Curse and Treasure Hunter, require more than 10. PvP requires stamina as well, each PvP combat will use up 10 points of stamina minimum no matter how many hits you deal to your enemy, and you can do 100 stamina kill if you really want to hurt your enemy.

Being said that, getting stamina in FallenSword is not easy, and it is the ultimate goal of every FallenSword players. Every character starts with 500 maximum stamina and gains 50 stamina per hour.

The next 2 chapter we will talk about how to save your stamina and how to earn your stamina respectively.

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