Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Legacy of Holy Castle Quickstart Guide

I have just played 2 days of The Legacy of Holy Castle, and now I have 40 castle area, 158 credits and 53 units and 3 heroes. I am not sure whether this is treated as successful, I guess this is not too bad.

First of all, when you just started playing the game, finish the "Novice Quest". This will guide you through the main parts of the game and give you several gold and food rewards. At the end of the quests, you will have 50 archer units as the reward.

After that, keep upgrade your silver mine. It is never too much, as gold is very essential to your success in The Legacy of Holy Castle. Besides the silver mine, remember to build a tavern early, this is used for recruiting heroes.

After you got your tavern, recruits 2 heroes, 1 with high body statistics (high VIT, STR, AGI) and 1 with high intelligent (WIS). As wood is also very essential for the game, you have to always keep 1 hero busy with lumbering. Choose your high WIS hero for this job, as high WIS is account for high wood yield.

For your main hero, always keep him adventuring, killing enemies in the Village. This will gain him experience point and thus higher statistic and better for PvP. More important, he will have chance to gain crystal drop from the battle field. These crystals, can be combined to synthesis hero items, or can be sold for gems in the market place (auction).

For the other hero, which with high body statistics, you can keep him half of the time adventuring, and half of the time lumbering (depends on your need of wood for building).

When you found the upgrade cost of silver mine becomes much higher than Field upgrade cost, you can upgrade the fields as well. Although food is not much used during the protected period, the food can be sold at the marketplace for gold.

Remember to use the marketplace wisely, always exchange materials, goods that you are in need most to keep your pace of upgrade high.

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