Sunday, July 27, 2008

Imperial Ages News: Gunpowder Age Launched

The Gunpowder Age, which is the second age promised by Imperial Ages, is launched yesterday.

Here is the requirement to upgrade to the Gunpowder Age:
  • City Hall lvl 20 (in the lvl 20 City Hall you can make the upgrade to the second age)
  • 2 Villages
  • Population 600 minimum total for your account
  • 30,000 Gold, 30,000 Iron, 30,000 Wood, 30,000 Stone
  • 10% of the cost of all troops you have in your villages.

The resources needed for the upgrade is taken in equal percentage from all the villages of the player. The benefit of the upgrade is stronger troop which increases the speed by 1. Also they promised that in later stage there will be new building which increases the merchant capacity.

For a complete story, please visit the Imperial Ages Blog:

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