Sunday, July 13, 2008

FallenSword Beginner's Guide Part 1 - Setting your Ability Points

When your Fallensword character level up, you got 2 "level up points" to add to your character, which can be assigned to five abilities: Attack, Damage, Defense, Armor and HP. Assigning these "level up" points can be quite important to your character.

Fallensword is a damage-based game. That is, damage is the most important ability in this game, period.

There is a gold rule of assigning these ability points to your character - attack : damage = 1:3 in the first 20 levels; and from level 21 onward, assign all ability point to damage.

You won't know the importance of these in the first few levels. This would become vital during level 100 onward. Not enough damage means your can't kill the monster in 1-hit, which means you are not optimizing your use of stamina.

You will ask, how about my Defense, Armor and HP? The answer is Item. All these abilities can be easily made up by having appropriate items at your level.

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