Friday, July 11, 2008

Get Started playing FallenSword

It is easy to get started playing FallenSword:

  1. You need go to the FallenSword game website
  2. You need to create an account by choosing a nickname, this nickname will be your character's name in the game as well. Also you need to enter your e-mail address.
  3. Yes, you are ready to start playing the game then. First you will be starting off without any equipment and ability. Therefore you need to kill some monster to get some monster drops and level up. Click at "World" > "View Map" at your left menu to start your FallenSword journey.
  4. You will see that you are starting off in Krul's Island. Choose Mountain Path to start with, this should be your starting place for killing. You can use your mouse or use the "A", "W", "D", "X" keyboard key to navigate the map.
  5. Remember, when you just start, do not kill anything other than the rat! Even the Natives are too tough for you at this point.
  6. Check "Character" > "Profile" from time to time to see whether there is any monster drops. If there is any item in your backpack, click on it to equip it.
  7. I highly recommend you to finish the "Angry Natives" quest which is a very good beginner's quest. The XP and item rewards will help you along. Once you have finished the quest, you should be at level 4 already.
  8. Consult from time to time for the area, items and quests. This is a very useful guide for you to be success in this game.

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