Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The first browser-based massive multiplayer online game I got addicted to is the Fallensword. This is a massive multiplayer role-playing game, where the player started with a Level 1 character, walking around the map, doing quests, killing monsters and level up.

Besides these standard RPG elements, Fallensword has the ability to sell and buy in-game items through an auction house. The currency used in the game is in-game gold and Fallensword Points (FSP).

Besides this, Fallensword allows player to build guilds, which can provide a lot of enhancements to the guild members, allowing guild members to share in-game items, also allowing them to form attack groups which kill tough monsters in a group.

The graphic of this game is rich and the game control is smooth and easy. Other interesting features of the games include the PvP arena, Bounty, Lottery, and play crafted items etc.

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