Friday, July 25, 2008

FallenSword News - High level skills announced on the FallenSword forum

Yesterday 24 July, the FallenSword development team had announced the new high level skills on the FallenSword Forum. The new skills ranges from Lv 400 up to until Lv 800. It seems that the development team is prospecting the players are going to reach those high levels fast and soon.

Here are the list of the new skills, duplicated from the forum post:


Keen Edge: 0.01% per point to your attack in PvP for each complete set.
Spectral Knight: Link to Shatter Armour. 0.1% chance to reduce targets armor by 100%. Need 100 in Shatter Armour to unlock.

Arterial Strike: Linked to Spectral Knight. Gain additional XP for every additional round of combat. Enhanced by Master Summoner.
Death Dealer: For every 5 kills in a row, without dying, you get +1% extra Damage to a Maximum of 20%. 10% @ 50, 15% @ 100 & 20% @ 150. De buffs as soon as you are defeated in combat.

Savagery: 0.1% chance that your Defensive stats are added to Attack and your Armour Stats are added to your Damage.

Chi Strike: 0.1% chance to add HP total to Damage.

Shield Strike: 0.1% that your defence stat is reduced to Zero and your Damage is doubled.


Counter Attack: Uses 0.25% extra stamina (rounding up) to add 0.25% to both Attack & Damage.
Summon Shield Imp: Creates an Imp which can absorb 100% of damage. 24 Hour time out. De buffs if hit more than the level allows. Level 50 = 1 round of combat, 100 = 2, 150 = 3.

Vision: Lights up dark realms. (Upcoming feature.) No damage to creatures in the dark.
Fortitude: Defensive Stat is added to HP. Lvl 50= 3%, 100= 7%, 150= 10%

Flinch: 0.1% chance to decrease enemies Attack by 10% @ 50, 15% @ 100 & 20 @ 150.

Terrorise: 0.1% chance to decrease enemies Damage by 10% @ 50, 15% @ 100 & 20 @ 150.

Nightmare Visage: 0.1% chance that your Attack will be reduced by 5% @ 50, 10% @ 100 & 15% @ 150. This is then added to your Defence.


Quest Finder: Increases the chance that Quest Items will drop.

Potion Crafter: Increases chance of success when crafting potions. Have to gather Herbs with Herb Gather (see below) then go to an Alchemist. Make potions according to recipes.
Herb Gatherer: Allows you to gather herbs for creating potions. Herbs be dropped by Creatures.

Potion Crafter II: Further increases your chance of successful potion creation and can increase potency (duration).
Master Summoner: (To be used with Spectral Knight and/or Shield Imp.) Level 50 = 10%, 100 = 20% & 150 = 30%. Increases to Summon potency by increasing the chance of the relative skills being invoked.

Reflection: On a 0.1% a percentage per point of the Creatures damage is reflected upon itself. 50 = 10%, 75 = 15%, 100= 20% & 150 = 25%

Light Foot: 0.05% chance to use no stamina while moving on the world map.

Mesmerise: 0.1% chance to reduce a Creatures Armour & Defence by 50%.

From what I see, I think the offensive skills will become the popular ones as players are still striking to hit the monsters with as few hits as possible in the high levels. Also it looks like that potion will become a more and more important element in the game, and the potion crafting skills can become the next wave of popular skills.

What do you think? Leave a comment if you have some idea.

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