Monday, August 15, 2011

Google Games has launched!

Earlier we have guessing whether Google+ games will be coming very soon in our post Will Google Games coming very soon? blog post. Now the conjecture is confirmed. Now when you log in to your Google+ account, you will see a "Games" stream appear at your top menu:

When you click to the "Games" button, you will be brought to the Google+ "Games" stream.

Currently you will only have some common selections: Angry Birds, City of Wonders, Bejeweled Blitz etc. and most of them already has a Facebook counterpart.

When you click into one of the game and select "Play", you will be confirmed with a message that these games need to access your Google+ profile. If you have no concern on this, then you will be brought to the actual game page, very much similar to Facebook games. Very nice!

With Google's effort, I think there will be much more games added to the repertoire very soon. I am looking forward to see this new game platform become bigger.


Jay Allen said...

The games are the only reason I go on Google +.

Unknown said...

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