Monday, July 11, 2011

Will Google Games coming very soon?

Google+ has entered into the testing stage, for which a small group of Google users, which join by receiving invitation either from Google directly or from friends, becomes a group of tester to help testing Google+ out. So we expect Google+ will be opened to public very soon.

Google+ is a Facebook rival from Google, which allow users to share news, photo, video and links to "circle" of people, which users creates and add friends to. This is very much similar to Facebook, though quite preliminary, with the addition of the idea of "Circles", which allow you to divide your friends into circles of people which you can share particular information to particular group of target people.

To really compete with Facebook, it cannot do without social games. So here comes the conjecture whether Google will add games to Google+.

I believe the answer is positive, this can be seen from Google's earlier investment in social games, and some evidence by examining the source code of Google+.

In that case, will this open a new era to social and browser gaming? Let's keep an open eye for it! ;-)

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