Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Success with Browser-based Empire Building Games

Have you played Travian? Ikariam? Evony? Imperial Ages? O Game?

You notice that there are quite some similarities in these empire building type of browser games?

Yes, basically you start with nothing, with an empty city, or base, to begin with. You start with minimal resources. With this, you start your empire.

This blog post aims to guide you to success to browser-based empire building games.

1. Resource - yes, of course resources is the most important thing in empire building games. Everything need resources. Building need resources, technology advancement need resources, army need resources. Therefore the first priority is to build up your resource "mines".

2. Technology - most of empire building games consists of a tech-tree. It is very important that you have good enough technology advancement. Technology is important for you to have new buildings and army.

3. Army - no need to mention, you need a large and advanced army to protect your cities or bases; and you need your army to expand your empire. Always leave enough resource to expand your army.

The above 3 are things that every players know. Now comes to something more.

4. Guild - yes, join a guild, and make a lot of friends. In online games, you cannot success without allies and friends. Guild, and friends are your best support in the game. When you are continuously attacked by someone stronger than you, friends are the only way to help you out of trouble.

5. Raid inactive neighbours - no matter how well you build your resource fields, resource needed to build up your empire will never be enough. An unlimited resource is your inactive neighbours. Raid them at least daily to get the resource from them. This way you can build up yourself faster than others.

6. Spying - know thy neighbor, and thou shalt win. Upgrade your espionage building as high as possible. Most of the games provide you more detail spying reports with higher level espionage building. On the other hand, your enemies are more difficult to gain information from you when you have high level espionage building. This way, your enemies are hard to know how you are doing, and dare not raid you, while you know everything from them, and know how to prepare a war on them.

7. Expand - build up your second city, third city and so on as soon as you can. More cities means more resource fields, in turn means more resources for your building, technology and army, in turn, means success.

8. Complete quests - for those empire building games that have quest system, remember to complete the quests as much as you can. Quests usually work as a good guideline for your building sequence. Most importantly, completing quests comes with rewards, which means more resources for you.

9. Go online often - usually there is a cap on the resources you can store. If you do not go online for long while, all your resource reaches cap and there is no more resource growth. Go online often to use your resources wisely, to upgrade your buildings and armies.

10. Keep watch of the top list - you need to know how yourself is positioning in the game and how others are doing, so that you know how and where and how much to improve yourself.

Here is the top 10 way of ensuring success in browser-based empire building games, which are very popular nowadays.

Can you think of more? Please come and share with us!

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