Monday, August 9, 2010

Empire Craft

Empire Craft is one of the browser based empire building game that use Facebook as a authentication platform, but does not belong to the genre social gaming.

Empire Craft is quite a typical empire building game, with all the elements you can think of in a typical empire building. You build up your resources fields, you build the building you need for various purpose, you advance your technology, you build up army and conquer other players etc.

However, there are a few things that I like that make this game different from other typical empire building games - quests, stories, use of heroes and private dungeons.

Empire Craft has a nice quest system. It got typical tutorial quests that guide you step-by-step to building up your empire. Besides that, the quests go into "advanced" stage as well. Even when you have build up things far from a novice do, the quest still guide you forward to building a strong and success empire.

More interesting, these quests contain stories. There are quite a number of neutral cities, which allow you to explore and provide story quests for you. This had made this game something different from standard empire building strategy games. This has given some favour of RPG into it.

The use of heroes is another point of interest in this game. Besides leading an army into conquering other cities, your hero can be the governor of your city, which helps the resource growth of your cities, and improve the defense and build speed of your cities as well. Moreover, there are private dungeons associates with the story quests as well, which you must use your hero to venture into the dungeons to complete the story quests.

Besides other players' cities, there are wandering monter armies in the fields for you to fight, which can help you get treasure and experience point for your heroes. These wandering monsters are associated with the story quests as well.

Finally, military ranks and nobility titles are something worth mentioning of. While you complete story quests and some associated daily quests associated with your military, you gradually improve your fame and ranking, and you can get higher nobility title and military rank. With this ranks and titles, more advanced story quests are opened to you and you can venture into deep level of dungeons.

These elements had made Empire Craft a much richer and interesting game than other empire building game.

I rank 5 out of 5 for this game.

Try it out and let me know what do you think!

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