Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The rise of FaceBook games

I have not been writing on this blog for some time, I really miss you all!

Besides really busy with my day job and daily life, I have been playing quite a lot on FaceBook games. I have thought of opening another blog specifically on FaceBook games. After some thought, I decide to put it to this blog as well. After all, FaceBook games are browser games, right?

The benefits of using FaceBook as the game platform is it contains natural traffics, and automatic free advertisement. If one of your friends is playing a game, you automatic know the game, and instinctively attracted by it, since you are sure you can play together with your friend. Then, quickly a network of players grow.

It had become a daily "ritual" for FaceBook game players to send gifts to friends who are playing the same game. In this way, both you and your friends grow quickly in the game, and it is more fun to share the joy with friends.

Currently, the most popular games are mostly Flash based simulation games: Happy Farm, Farmsville, Cafe World, Restaurant City, Social City, Hotel City etc. just to name a few. The fun of these games resides in receiving and sending gifts to and from friends, and visiting friends game world.

Do you also play FaceBook games as well? Which one do you like? Come and share with us~

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