Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Impression about Conrohl

Thanks Frank for the leaving a comment, and introduce us a quite nice browser game: Conrohl

I have tried it for a day, and found that the concept of the game is quite nice.

In some way, it is quite a standard game. Building up your resources, researching technology and conquering other planets. However, there is one concept of the game that I found quite interesting to me: leaders.

After building the academy, you can have your leader. You can have your leader working on some mission, gaining resources and experience. Missions are available once per hour, which make the player wants to come back to the game often. Also you will be able to train up your leader with variable skills which are useful for working on contracts given by other planets. Also, when you have more than 1 planet, your leader will be useful to defend and adminstrate your planets. I think the leader concept of this game is quite valuable and is a good point be explored and developed.

The game has a nice walk-through, which helps a lot for people to learn how to get started on the game. Also when you follow the steps of the walk-through, you will gain resources along.

One big drawback of the game: growth rate. Resources gaining is already very slow at the very beginning. Once you have gone through the walk-through, and tried out a few things, you already have run out the resources, and need to wait for another day so as to build other resources, building and technology. This would make the player easy to be bored at the very beginning, and lack the time and interest to explore the game on the very first day. I think making growth easier at the first stage of the game would help to keep players stick around and be addict into the game, before they feel bored and leave... this is my two cents.

Overall I will give this game a 3 out of 5 star rating.

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Thanks for the Review,

I think it is a pretty fair review of the game. One point of the missions is to help keep the game interesting for that first day. I would tell anyone interested to give it three days of play and see what you think. I think it would be great if you did another review of the game after playing for a week or two!