Thursday, September 4, 2008

FallenSword Beginner's Guide Part 6 - Killing the right monster

In FallenSword, if you want to optimize the experience gain, besides optimizing your usage of stamina, you need to make sure you are killing the right monsters.

For experience point gain by killing monsters, you get 120% experience point gain for killing a monster 1 level higher or above you; you get 100% experience point gain if you are killing a monster at the same level as you; you get 75% experience point gain for killing monster a level lower than you; and you get 50% experience point gain for killing monster 2 levels lower than you.

Therefore if you are at a map with several different monsters with different level, you need to always check the monster level by viewing them. If possible, always kill the monster at least the same level as you, and ignoring the monsters with level lower than you in the same space, unless the map is running out of monsters.

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